Fantastic Friday: Food Forward Edition

We just finished watching our first episode (actually, the first pilot episode) of  Food Forward on PBS. Urban agriculture in full effect and NYC was well represented! So glad to have seen some of our favorite urban farmers and gardeners, from Karen Washington in the Bronx to Malik Yakini in Detroit, take center stage to demonstrate why this movement is so important. The stories, and really the entire series is fun and inspirational as it focuses on “food rebels,” defined by Civil Eats as:


“…people [who] are trying to create a different reality, food system, business model, whatever you want to call it. These are outsiders. That’s why we don’t hear from them very much—they don’t fit into the industrial food model. They want to take it down or fix it or create a parallel.”


Solutions. And scalable solutions. From the grassroots level. That’s what we try to do here at SWICH, so you know we’re loving seeing others doing the same.


And of course, the one NYC restaurant profiled in the piece, Bell Book & Candle (and it’s cool aeroponic rooftop garden)…yeah, it’s #SwichApproved too(!)


Check out the trailer for the series below.  Check out the full episode on urban ag here for free. It will be 25 minutes well spent.



Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!




Photo Credit: PBS