New S#*t: New Features on SWICH

So what’s this new s#*t that we are introducing today?


Based on your feedback we’re bringing all of you some new features! And they all have to do with giving YOU more personalization and more control with SWICH!


So without further ado…


N O M   N O M   N O M
aka: SWICH Scores are cool, but is this SWICH Approved restaurant you’re recommending actually any good?


Well, yes, of course it is, but now you don’t have to take our word for it and worry about making any compromises anymore!

  • We show you the percentage of people who like the restaurant…
  • And now you can submit reviews to say whether you liked the restaurant as well!

So check out your favorite restaurant here and let us know if you like it or not!


F R I E N D L Y   F O R S
aka: I’m vegetarian and I’d rather have more than one thing on the menu to choose from! 


Options are great! Options + high SWICH scores = even better!

  • We show you the types of dietary philosophies a restaurant accommodates well, from paleo to vegan and everything in between
  • And now you can tag which restaurants are friendly for whichever diets suit your preferences when you submit a review!

So check out the last place you ate at here and let us know if they’re friendly for whatever the *!@% you want to eat!


N E W   F I L T E R S
aka: I care about all this stuff you measure, but what I really, really, really care about is if the restaurant is healthy


We’re giving you more (ALL of the?) control over which restaurants you see (and don’t see) according to your personal preferences

  • Now you can filter restaurant search results by whichever categories you care about most
  • And now you can sort restaurant search results by SWICH Score, by price, or by the percentage of people that like it


Try it out for yourself and find the exact restaurant that is tasty, affordable, good for you AND good for your community!


And as always, if you have other suggestions, feel free to shoot them over to us at hello[at]swich.to. As you can see, we value your input tremendously, as it only helps us get better!