Introducting SWICH

Check out our video and see how we can help you “swich” to better businesses. (And if you’re alone, feel free to dance while you’re watching)


And when you’re done dancing, follow our blog, check us out on FacebookTwitter and Google + or sign up for updates on our website at swich.to


To make it worth your while, here’s a preview of some of the exciting and valuable stuff we’ll be sharing:

  • Swich events
  • Updates on our development, including when our beta site launches(!) (hint: September)
  • Better Business Highlights to give you a head start on “swiching” even before the beta launches
  • Better Investment Highlights of Swich-rated investment funds and local investment opportunities
  • Articles and posts explaining why buying better is so important and helps you & your community
  • Videos , photos, and other fun stuff (but of course)

And perhaps most importantly, we’ll be asking YOU, as a member of the Swich community what you’d like most from us.  If you’ve got some great ideas, you’ll be able share them, vote on others’ ideas and make Swich all your own!


Let’s do this!