Better Business of the Day: Susty Party

You gave us your soul (er, we mean you followed us).  Now, as promised, it’s time for us to bless you back. Do you party?  Do you throw parties?  Do you enjoy parties?  Dinner, dance, birthday – celebrate good times c’mon! Really, who doesn’t love to get together with friends and have fun?

If so, our first Better Business of the Day is for you.


Because, that’s where Susty Party makes it’s magic happen. Plastic and paper is quite old school (and frankly, it isn’t all that classy either). Styrofoam?  It’s 2013.  So this Brooklyn based company is here to bring us all up to date with their reusuable and compostable(!) party supplies which are the opposite of boring.  Plates, bowls, straws, cups and more.  Super sturdy.  And easily found on their site as well as in Whole Foods Markets nationwide, Gourmet Garage (NYC), Whisk (NYC), Balducci’s (NY, VA, MD, CT), Earth Fare (South-East coast up to North Carolina), and Mom’s Organic Markets (MD, VA).


Oh, and did we mention that they’re a B Corp, that they partner with a non-profit which empowers visually-impaired people to manufacture some of their products…and they’re hiring.


…about that composting.  We just did it for a party a week ago.  Susty will pick up for a fee or there are plenty of places to drop off throughout NYC as well (Union Square Green Market for instance).  It ain’t that hard.


But it most certainly is better!