5 Special Restaurants for Special Diets

Here’s an interesting article about how Boston chefs are adapting with the times and working to accommodate diner’s dietary restrictions, whether that those that are tied to allergies (shellfish), intolerances (gluten), religious (Kosher, Halal) or health and lifestyle choices (Paleo, Veg).  And while many chefs declare that these restrictions can make their jobs more challenging, many are stepping up willingly and ably.


At Cambridge’s Puritan & Company, the growing demand for gluten-free and vegetarian choices has broadened chef/owner Will Gilson’s cooking philosophy. “Classic American cuisine involves a French influence. There’s a roux in every sauce or some kind of flour component in every braise,” he says. “Now, with the borderline epidemic level that gluten intolerance has become…we thicken sauces with potatoes. We use purees that are vegetable-based, rather than adding dairy. It’s evoked a different style in our cooking,” he says.


Luckily, in NY, not only do we have restaurants that cater to diner’s needs with special menus and dishes, but we have entire restaurants that are devoted to serving specific types of diets and lifestyles. That’s one of the byproducts of a city being home to 8m people.  Here are some great examples – not exhaustive obviously – but certainly a start:


Vegetarian / Vegan: Sun In Bloom (also in Tribeca)

Sun In Bloom
Photo Credit: Sun In Bloom


Gluten-Free: Wild NYC (also in Brooklyn)

Photo Credit: EatDrinkWild


Paleo: Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen
Photo Credit: Hu Kitchen


Raw Vegan: Pure Food and Wine

Photo Credit: Timeout


 Organic: Siggy’s Good Food (also in Noho)

Photo Credit: Health Life Cycling


What are your favorite spots that accommodate special diets?