Best New Chefs in NY? Head Over to Dover

Yesterday, Food and Wine announced it’s list of best new chefs for 2014. And, surprisingly, only one winner was from New York…and they were from Brooklyn actually! So who is holding the future of NYC restaurant cuisine solely and squarely on their shoulders? Well, that would be Walker Stern and Joe Ogrodnek of Battersby and, newly minted, Dover fame in Carroll Gardens.

Dover, the duo’s new spot that just opened a few months ago, has been lauded and praised by many and for good reason. Of course, at SWICH, we’re also concerned with more than just the inventiveness of the chefs and the tastiness of the food (though that’s extremely important as well), so we wanted to check out Dover’s Swich score as well.  And, unsurprisingly, the restaurant scores well. The reason that it’s not so surprising is because it’s becoming increasingly clear as we’ve analyzed the ~8000 restaurants that are rated on SWICH that the best restaurants in the city also just happen to frequently be those that are healthier, more sustainable, independent and local.


So check ’em out. And when you do, tell us what you think!




Photo Credit: GQ