This Week In Economic Resistance: Wells Fargo, Sleeping Giants, Steph Curry & More!

Happy Friday y’all!


Since the election, we’ve been encouraged by the resistance to the Trump agenda, and seen a dramatic increase in economic resistance in particular. And it makes sense. We’ve long held that SWICH and voting with your wallet is one tool – too often overlooked – to help build a better world. But it seems to have become that much more important in the face of a severely weakened Democratic political opposition to the Trump agenda. As a result, we’ve started tracking all of the economic resistance actions that are taking place and there are a lot! So many, that we’d understand if you missed a couple.


Here’s SWICH’s Week In Economic Resistance to get you caught up.


Seattle Officially Votes To Drop Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline

“Take our government back…from Trump and from the oil companies”

Photo Credit: Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times


Seattle City Council voted on Tuesday to cut ties with Wells Fargo, ensuring that the city’s $3B that the city cycles through each year would be housed at another bank beginning in 2018. The legislation also stipulated that future decisions related to the city’s banking contracts would be based on a more stringent “social responsibility” requirement.



Davis Follows Seattle’s Lead, Also Severs Ties With Wells Fargo

 “Several people said it was important that the city put’s it’s money where it’s mouth is.”

Photo Credit: The Bismarck Tribune


Later on Tuesday, in response to concerns of residents, the Davis CA, City Council voted unanimously to end it’s relationship with Wells Fargo due to the banks involvement in DAPL as well. The city will seek a local bank or credit union and could even “parcel out elements of it’s banking activities to smaller firms.”


Seattle Org Provides Toolkit To Help Your City Divest Too

“Now we need every city in the country to do the same”                                                                .

Photo Credit: LA Times


Building on the victories of Seattle and Davis, Defund DAPL: Seattle Action Coalition put together a toolkit to share the lessons they learned in their successful effort in Seattle so that anyone anywhere can start a similar campaign in their city or town. So far, a number of people are already pitching in to determine which banks their city uses and putting the wheels in motion. Jump in and help out if you can!


Breitbart Loses Ad Deals With 935 Companies Due To Online Campaign

 “…corporations such as BMW, Visa, T-Mobile, and Nordstrom have all severed ties”

Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images


If you haven’t already, go check out Sleeping Giants. They’ve created a campaign for people to boycott companies that advertise on alt-right website, Breitbart. First they inform the company, and then if the company doesn’t respond, they go on the boycott list. 935 companies and counting!


Nordstrom Drops Ivanka, White House Response Backfires

“Ms. Conway might have violated a federal ethics rule against endorsing products”

Photo Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times


Nordstrom dropped Ivanka because of poor sales due to nationwide boycotts. 45 tweeted his displeasure. His advisor, Kellyanne Conway then gave a “free commercial” for Ivanka. Legal experts said that was against the law. And Nordstrom stock went up 4% after all of the news. Seems like the Trump brand is starting to reach peak toxicity!


Steph Curry Disagrees With Under Armour CEO Calling Trump An “Asset”

“I agree with that description, if you remove the ‘et.’”

Photo Credit: Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images


After Under Armour CEO called 45 an “asset,” the company faced a #BoycottUnderArmour movement on social media and Steph Curry, the company’s most high profile endorser quickly responded, making clear he did not share those feelings…at all. Others including Misty Copeland and The Rock backed Steph up. You’re move Under Armour.


REI Taking Comments From Customers Regarding US Bank Relationship


Photo Credit: Racked NY


This one is fresh off the presses. Apparently, customers of REI have voiced displeasure at the company’s relationship with US Bank given the latter’s involvement with DAPL. So REI is taking comments at member@rei.com to get the pulse of the company’s members and determine how to proceed on the issue. So, if you’re a member, email them and tell them what you think (and include your member number, if you have one)!


Bravo to all the inspiring actions listed and those responsible. These efforts do work and there were some big wins. Many of these efforts are ongoing, so make sure you check them out and support them! And if you haven’t done so already, join SWICH and vote with your dollars everyday as a member of our community that is using consumer power to change how business is done to positively impact our society!