This Week In Economic Resistance: Uber, Nordstrom, DAPL & More!

Happy Friday y’all!


Since the election, we’ve been encouraged by the resistance to the Trump agenda, and seen a dramatic increase in economic resistance in particular. And it makes sense. We’ve long held that SWICH and voting with your wallet is one tool – too often overlooked – to help build a better world. But it seems to have become that much more important in the face of a severely weakened Democratic political opposition to the Trump agenda. As a result, we’ve started tracking all of the economic resistance actions that are taking place and there are a lot! So many, that we’d understand if you missed a couple.


Here’s SWICH’s Week In Economic Resistance to get you caught up.


NYC Taxi Workers Alliance Strike To Protest Trump #MuslimBan

“We cannot be silent. We go to work to welcome people to a land that once welcomed us.”

Photo Credit: Bryan R. Smith, AFP/Getty Images


The taxi drivers started the party this week, announcing a strike in protest of Trump’s #MuslimBan by not picking up passengers at JFK for an hour on Saturday. Little did they know this would lead to…



#DeleteUber Begins Trending                                                                .

 “Uber has actively chosen to support racism, xenophobia, and bigotry,”

Photo Credit: CNET


On Saturday night, Uber was accused of trying to break a the NY Taxi Workers Alliance strike, people began deleting Uber from their phones and a hashtag was born. The CEO’s response was….just bad. And all of a sudden, Uber’s history of bad behavior had finally caught up with them.


Injustice Boycott Makes Moves In Support of #NoDAPL

#StartWithSeattle                                                                .

Photo Credit: Injustice Boycott


The Injustice Boycott began a big push to support local organizations and politicians in Seattle in the runup to a crucial vote on whether the city would divest from Wells Fargo. The hashtag #StartWithSeattle began trending as people began calling and tweeting their representatives to express their support for the legislation.


University of California Agrees to Divest From Wells Fargo

 “It takes a lot of effort from each and every person…to push for change of this caliber.”

Photo Credit: KQED


In 2016, the Afrikan Black Coalition created a petition calling for the University of California to divest $425M worth of Wells Fargo stock. On Tuesday, it was confirmed that UC had done just that. And that was just the beginning of the bad week for the bank…


Seattle Advances Legislation to Divest From Wells Fargo Due To DAPL

“We all agree: Divestment is our goal.”                                                    .

Photo Credit: AP


The movement to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline got a big jolt of energy on Wednesday as the Seattle City Council voted to advance legislation to not renew their contract with Wells Fargo and adopt social responsibility metrics for all future banking contracts. Full vote will be on Monday. And you should get in on the divestment fun too!


Uber Drops Trump & Nordstrom Drops Ivanka

“At least 200,000 people deleted their Uber accounts this week.”

Photo Credit:Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images


What a day! Demonstrating that money talks, Uber’s CEO resigned from Trump’s Economic Advisory Council following the aftermath of the problematic week. It got us to thinking, what could we accomplish if we used our consumer power to #DeleteUber (and not for Lyft!) for all the other no bueno things they’ve done in the past? Later in the day, the #GrabYourWallet campaign saw a major victory as Nordstrom decided to drop Ivanka’s fashion line following slow sales.


1000 Yemeni Bodega Owners Go On Strike To Protest Trump

“…the Muslim ban has devastated them and their families.”

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images


To top Thursday off, 1000 Yemeni bodega owners went on strike to protest Trump’s #MuslimBan and the impact it has had on their families.


Bravo to all the inspiring actions listed and those responsible. These efforts do work and there were some big wins. Many of these efforts are ongoing, so make sure you check them out and support them! And if you haven’t done so already, join SWICH and vote with your dollars everyday as a member of our community that is using consumer power to change how business is done to positively impact our society!